Private Energetics Sessions with Kelsey.

Private Energetics Sessions with Kelsey.

Join me on Zoom where I’ll guide you through an innovative and fully personalized 1-hour energy work session.

In a Private Session, you'll receive undivided focus and channeled energetic care regarding a specific issue that you feel called to work on together.

How can I help you?

Your session can be centered around any aspect of your life that needs support, reframing, or healing. Sessions tend to fall into one or more of the following focuses from my energetics system:

  • Timeline Energetics to help you feel a release from difficult energy residing along the timelines of your life, your maternal and paternal ancestry, and your soul.

  • Inner Child Energetics to help your childhood-self feel energetically nourished, and help you feel more at peace with the formative foundation you’ve grown from.

  • Self-Expansion Energetics to help you feel like your mindset regarding limiting beliefs and limiting habits have been reframed to support you.

  • Home Energetics to help you feel more peace and flow in the space that you live in.

  • Relationship Energetics to help you feel relief from any tension or complicated energy residing between you and others.

  • Higher Self Energetics to help you feel a deepened connection to your intuition and to the truest, most fulfilled, version of yourself.

  • Physical Energetics to help you feel a heightened sense of comfort and balance within your body, mind, and chakra system.

  • Manifestation Energetics to help you feel aligned with and deserving of what you want to bring into your life.

If you have any questions before booking, please message me through our Contact page, or send a DM to @DailyEnergetics on Instagram.

What to expect during and after your session.

At the beginning of your session, we will spend time talking about what you are hoping to work on together. I will create a customized energetics plan for you, and you’ll lay down and relax while receiving the energy work for around 30 minutes. During the energy work, you may experience physical sensations such as gentle waves of energy washing over you, or fluttery feelings. I very often experience warm and cold sensations and feel like my hands are being held.

After the energy work, we'll spend the remainder of your session talking about your experience, and I’ll share with you what I worked on, how the energies responded, and what energetic information, feedback, and intuitive insights I have for you. Following a session, the most common response I have heard is that the client feels energetically "lighter" and peaceful. Results can be apparent and noticeable right away, or subtle and realized over the days following a session.

Immediately after your session, you might feel rested and full of energy, or you might need some additional time to rest and process. If this is your first session and you are not sure how you feel after energy work, please leave some time in your schedule afterwards in case you need to rest.

To schedule, please select a date and time below.

How to prepare for your session.

Set up a space for yourself where you can be on our Zoom call and feel free from distractions. You’ll need to have a comfortable area nearby where you can relax and lay down during the energy work. (I do not need to be able to see you during the energy work portion of the session, you are welcome to turn off your camera if that is most comfortable.)

Before our session, I recommend journaling or taking some notes on how you feel and what you’d like to work on together. Keep this nearby in case you’d like to write more during or after the session as well.

If you think that any of the following items would help you relax or be more comfortable, please have them ready:

  • Quiet music to play (likely meditation, nature sounds, or classical.)

  • A candle, incense, or oil diffuser

  • An eye mask or cover.

  • A cozy blanket and pillow.

Josie, San Diego, CA

“Thank you so much for the incredible sessions. I've felt a drastic relief in my anxiety. The night after we did our maternal timeline work I dreamed of my grandma and her giving me a reassuring hug. It was very special."

"I feel such a calm sense of peace in the presence of your energy work.”

Chantelle, Los Angeles, CA

“Kelsey was absolutely amazing! Before the session I told her I was feeling very heavy with difficult layers of issues that were coming up from my childhood that I was trying to work through. I had started feeling very fatigued dealing with it all. Our session was extremely peaceful, she worked while I was able to relax and let her work her magic. I loved that I was able to set the tone and relax in whatever way made me most comfortable."

"At the end of our session she did a great job of explaining to me what she saw and what she worked on. It was crazy how immediately I felt lighter! The heaviness and fatigue wasn’t there anymore. She has a gift that I am so very grateful and lucky that I got to experience. Thank you Kelsey for helping with my healing journey.” 🙏🏾

Andi, Seattle, WA

“My anxiety and stress were at an all time high when we met. Everything you said about where my timeline and body were holding trauma was accurate and I was pleased with how much lighter and relaxed I felt after my first healing."

"Thank you for guiding me through this journey, I look forward to our continued sessions.”

L., Seattle, WA

“Last year I realized I was wired to feel like hitting my goals would upset people around me. It was doing a great job at keeping me small. Since you cleared this I feel like my future belongs to me and success is safe go after.”

“This is a huge breakthrough, thank you!”